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    December 2016
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The Red Boots

At the beginning of Novemeber we showed the film The Red Boots together with canadian congregations that visited the Mission Center in Chiandega city, the team was composed of Lutherans from four congregations: Romeo and Stella Rampersaud, Rev. Warren Hamp and Jane Ford from Faith in Kitchener, ON; Jon Oberholzer from Messiah in Waterloo, ON; Hank Bouwman from Christ Our Hope in Collingwood, ON; and Julie Thompson from Concordia in Penticton, BC. The team changes somewhat in number and people, this team were all experienced with many trips to Nicaragua.dsc06327



Granada Continues Receiving LHM Support.

We visited Granada city with Project JOEL. Pr. Guillermo and our volunteer moved in the different high and elementary schools, explaining about the Reformation and the topic of the monthly booklet. We had a meeting with the principals who recognized the importance of the support offerec by LHN and the Lutheran Congregation of Granada city lead by Pr. Guillermo.

“First Convention of Lutheran Young People”

LHM Nicaragua participated in the “First Convention of Lutheran Young People” of the Lutheran Church Nicaragua Synod. We distributed our printing materials between the participants as well we showed a video titled “God reveals Himself”. It was a great moment for everybody of fraternity and understanding about the Lutheran Church and Dr. Martin Luther biography and his 95 theses.

Rev. Dr. Neitzel from LCC visited LHM Nicaragua.

We had the honor to receive in our main office at the Ministry Center in Nicaragua, Rev. Dr. Leonardo Neitzel who is in charge of the Missions and Social Ministry Services of the Lutheran Church-Canada. Dr. Neitzel received information from us, concerning the way how LHM Nicaragua and the local church together with the Mission Center from Canada are working in alliances with the purpose to continue bringing the Gospel of Christ to all the Nicaragua territory in coordination with the Pastors from the local Synod (ILSN).


Information about Luther’s Reformation On the Radio!!!

Our Radio team also took time during each broadcast in FM and on line to talk all about the Reformation, Biography and the work of Dr. Mar

tin Luther.

Reformation Celebration In LHM Nicaragua

We celebrated also in Nicaragua the Reformation Day, when Dr. Martin Luther wrote his 95 theses and he showed the love of God and the way how we are saved in Jesus Christ with His grace, faith and scripure. We organized video conference in our Ministry Center with the participation of our volunteers and visitors.

LHM 100 Years Celebration!!!

In October LHM Nicaragua, together with other international Ministry Centers participated in the 100 years celebration of the International Lutheran Laymen’s League/ Lutheran Hour Ministries in USA. We had also the posibility to participate in a worshop training for the eficacy of our work, all around the world where LHM is bringing Christ to the Nations and the Nations to the Churche since 1917100