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    September 2016
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Helping the People In Needs

In the social assistance we visited the Rural Districts: “Pastal”, “Los Positos”, “Monte Redondo”, “Los Chavez” where we offered clothes, shoes, blankets sent by our brothers and sisters in Christ from OGT Norfolk Branch. The people in needs appreciated the effort that OGT and LHM did for this humanitarian help sent to them. They said that do not feel alone when there are brothers in Christ, that take care of their needs and when these people share their blessings. You can also share your blessings with this people we offer you this possibility in our different programs that reach these people. Please contact us and we will instruct you how to participate.

Instructing the young people!!!

We continue visiting the different public schools to offer our prevention and spiritual messages, that we coordinated with the Principals from different schools. They had  offered to LHM one hour in each classroom, where our volunteers arrive with different printing materials, acording the topic that we are teaching to the young people. We thanks God for give us this oportunity to teach about His Gospel, without restrictions, we are wellcome to instruct the young people because the teachers also trust in LHM instruction that will benefit the young people now and in the futures. You can also help these young people, with your economic support we can print more materials for them and continue offering spiritual and prevention mesages to them. Contact us and we will explain what to do.

Mr. Clayton Andrews went to his heavenly home!!!

OGT’s Co-Founder Passes
It is with a heavy heart that Orphan Grain Train shares the passing of Clayton Andrews: co-founder, CEO and Vice President of Orphan Grain Train.  Clayton died peacefully on September 15, 2016 with family by his side.  Clayton was 96 years old and dedicated his life to Orphan Grain Train since its start in 1992.  Clayton passed away on OGT’s Anniversary date of 24 years. Our condolence from LHM Nicaragua.clayton

Free Bible Courses in Spanish!!!

Curso bíblico en video sobre la fe cristiana. Para ver o bajar todas las sesiones y la guía de discusión en forma gratuita, vaya a: http://www.paraelcamino.com/diosserevela/




Donation From San. Antonio Tx

Last Friday we had the honor to receive in our main office at the Ministry Center in Nicaragua Mr. Ron Lammert, who is member of Concordia Lutheran Church in San. Antonio Texas. Mr. Lammert brought a check for a thousand dollars, that our brothers in Christ from the Men’s Bible Breakfast, donated for our mission here in Nicaragua. Thanks this support we will able to continue sharing the love of Christ and His Salvation Message between the people here in Nicaragua.donacion

One more time our volunteers went out to the streets looking for the loss people and the best way to do this is offering our monthly booklets to start conversation with them. During august we distributed the booklet titled “Talking Openly with Children” It was an excelent topic that people liked and participated in our discutions that reach people to the Church and our Ministry Center, where the people contacted visited us and participated at least in one of our programs that we offer. God is blesing Nicaragua with this posibilities to continue sharing His wods in this country. You can be part also of this change of life that our Lord is doing here. With your support  we can reach more and more people for the Lord. Please contact us and we will let you know the way how  to participate and donate.

Equipping The Saints

In the Mission Center facilities in Chinandega city, LHM/CPTLN gathered more than sixty five young people, members of the different Lutheran Congregations, they arrived from different cities. We coordinate with the Church Synod our evangelistic workshop that we called “Equipping The Saints” where all the participants feel very enthusiastic with the different tools that we offered to them during the training for their evangelistic work, that they will carry out in their native towns where the congregations are located. We invite you to be partner in Christ and support this mission in Nicaragua. Please contact us and we will let you know how to do it.