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    April 2017
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Ministry Story

It is a little story about a man named D-Wayne Mesec (R.I.P) from Iowa, about fifteen years ago he lead a mission trip to Leon Nicaragua and together with his team they built a structure that we called “School Rancho” for the kids who receive our Christian education and in same time the District of this area teach elementary classes for those kids. Today we see the facilities and we remember D-Wayne during the dedication of this place, how he enjoyed seeing the happy faces of the kids, sitting in a place where they will learn about the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and also prepare themselves for the future. Thanks dear D-Wayne and all those who help our mission in Nicaragua. God bless all of you. If you wan to be part of our Mission here please contact: christine.myers@lhm.org 1-800-944-3450 ext. 4268 Phone # 314-317-4268.


More Baptisms in Leon Nicaragua.

We had five baptisms in the congregation “God of Grace” in the District “Marañonal” where LHM is working together with the Church. Pastor Henry who is in charge of this Congregation, baptized the five kids.

!!!Wait for VIVENCIAR.net the coming April 4!!!!

Vivenciar 2017

Practicing The Things learned.

Our volunteers keep practicing the craft art, that they learned to do with Christian Messages that was taught by brothers from a Lutheran Church From Alabama. It is a good art project with children who attend our Bible Courses in the different Rural and Urban District in the City of Leon.

A Lutheran Church From Chicago Visited Nicaragua.

We received in our main office brothers and sisters in Christ from a Lutheran Church in Chicago, that visited Nicaraga and they stoped by our Ministry Center. They offered training to our volunteers for VBC, we moved with them in some Rural Distrits, where LHM together with the local Church are offering spiritual assistance. They also donated books, baseball equiments in the public schools and food packages for the people in needs. If you wan to be part of our Mission here, please contact: christine.myers@lhm.org  Phone:1-800-944-3450 ext. 4268, Phone #314-317-4268.


Donors of OGT and Volunteers visited our Ministry Center.

At the beginig of February some visitors members of Meryland OGT Division,stoped by our Office while they visited Leon. They wanted to know more about our Ministry activities and the strategycal alliance that we have with OGT. This team was teaching VBS in some Rural Districts, located in Chinandega City where the local Synod is.ogt

Better Church Facilities in Leon.

Now one of our Church facilities in the Rural District called “The Marañonal” in Leon City looks nicer!!! Thanks the support offered by brothers and sisters in Christ from USA and Canada who generously fixed the old building. Our people are now worshiping the Lord in more confortable conditions in the Congregation called “God of Grace” that is lead by Pr. Hery Ramirez. You can be part also of this mission!!! please contact Christine Myer at: christine.myers@lhm.org 1-800-944-3450 ext. 4268 or Phone # 314-317-4268.